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ca483 - Ak-47 Big Band - Ak-47 Big Band [Dec. 24th, 2011|11:12 am]
Cool Music Discovery



Artist: Ak-47 Big Band
Title: Ak-47 Big Band
Date: 2011-12-24
Keywords: jazz; big band
(320 kbps)

Federico Fernandez - Trompet / Fermin Echeveste - Trompet / Jesus Silva - Trombon / Felicitas Rocha - Trombon / Pablo Moldes - Alto sax and flute / Nicolas Alvarez - Tenor sax y flute / Santiago Kurchan - Tenor sax, Clarinet y Arrangments / Marcelo Garofalo - Baritone sax / Roman Ostrowsky - Guitar / Andres Przybylko - Dubblebass / Pablo Aragona - Drums

This is not exactly a record. It's just a sample of the work we've been doing, wich we are proud of and wanting to show. It's not a record because the group formed just a few months ago and a proyect this big has it's own times to develop and to generate a continuity and flow in the music and in the people...