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Music Discovery

I just heard this cool song...

Cool Music Discovery
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Welcome to the profile page of the Music Discovery community on LiveJournal! Our community is a group of music lovers who like to talk about new music they've found or share a song they've just heard with the rest of us.

How does it all work? Simple, you find a song or band you like and want to share with the community -- maybe you found it on iTunes, Myspace, Purevolume, MTV, the radio, or anything of that sort. The first step is to check Purevolume and Myspace or any official (legal) forms of streaming or downloading the music, and post any URLs or other information. It's that simple! :) Most of us are fans of the rock and alternative genres, but we're generally willing to accept any kind of music. Stay open-minded!

One last thing to note: illegal music is not and will never be allowed. Not now, not ever. That means no ripping MP3s and then uploading them or posting illegal downloads. If you do, action will be immediately taken and we will report you to LiveJournal.

When posting, please tag any genres you find appropriate. Thanks! :)

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